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Coach's Corner - Radio for Coaches by Coaches

"I stumbled on your show with John Anderson back in December and I absolutely love it!!! I listen to the podcast while I'm running and even while I'm driving in my truck. I listen to yours and two others. They are all GREAT in their own right, but  yours is done like an actual radio show, not a podcast. Keep up the good work, its GREAT STUFF!!! "

Chip Seagle. Offensive Coordinator,  Lanett HS,  Lanett, Alabama

Produced by John Anderson of the CompuSports Radio Network, Coach's Corner provides audio programming that covers coaching topics of both a general and football-specific nature. 

Coach's Corner focuses on the  X's and O's of the game of football and includes off-the-field topics of interest to football coaches as well. Many of the guests on Coach's Corner are established authors and clinic speakers. 

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Listen to recent Coach's Corner shows by clicking the Listen Now link at the end of each description. You can listen to these as well as our past shows by visiting  the  Coaches Corner archives - a complete list of Coach's Corner shows. You can also listen to a sample of our Coaches' Corner show by clicking the play button on the player directly above.

Recent Coach's Corner Shows

Coaches' Corner Volume 85:  In this edition of Coaches Corner, two College Head Football Head Coaches talk about their philosophy and approach to recruiting football players. In addition, previous guest Bill Mountjoy shares experiences from his years as a HS Football Coach. Listen Now

John Bland is a returning guest on Coaches Corner, and now the Head Football Coach at Mississippi College (Division II - Gulf Coast Conference).  Ralph Insernia is in his third year as the  Head Football Coach at RPI College (Division III - Liberty League). Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 84:  In this edition of Coaches Corner, John Anderson talks with two Defensive Coordinators: Shaun Weaver of Gettysburg College and Scott Cramer of Verona (WI) H.S. about their approach to the 3-4 Defense.   Topics include Defensive Line play, Zone Blitz concepts, Pass Coverages philosophy, and a Circuit Drill to sharpen Blitz techniques. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 83:  In this edition of Coaches Corner, the topic is leadership, as Tony DeMeo discusses his upcoming book, Commonsense Rules for Everyday Leaders with Host John Anderson. In our final show of 2014, the two discuss a number of lessons taken from the collection of short, easy-to-read examples of leadership in action that comprise the book, and provide tips and insights that are at times as humourous and entertaining as they are informative. Listen to the Host and Guest discuss The Wizard of Oz rule, The Rotten Pumpkin rule, the Ferris Wheel rule, The King Kong rule, and the Joe Dimaggio rule and others that can be applied to everyday life by everyday people who find themself in a leadership position. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 82:  This is the 2014 College Football from the perspective of frequent CompuSports Radio guest, Coach Tony DeMeo. Coach DeMeo takes a different approach than most typical season previews - he talks about the teams that he is most looking forward to see play. A bit of a departure from our normal format, this show is the 82nd Edition of Coaches Corner - all Hosted and Produced by John Anderson in his usual professional and entertaining style. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 81:  Coach Marcus Mayo, currently an Assistant Coach at South Dakota School of Mines, Rapid City, SD where he coaches Defensive Back, draws on his experience playing and coaching on the Offensive side of the ball in a discussion of the concept of "mindful quarterbacking" - an approach to developing quarterbacks. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 80:  Chris Fore, veteran Athletic Director and Head Football Coach from Southern California draws on a variety of experiences as he discusses a number of topics.  Fore and Host John Anderson discuss the roles that the Shield Punt, Wing T Offense - particularly the Jet and Fly Sweeps, and the Easy-Scout game analysis software played in his formula for rebuilding HS Football programs . Fore also talks about the extensive research that contributed to his latest book BUILDING CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER FOOTBALL PROGRAMS - a book in which he talked with over 100 highly successfull football coaches from around the country about their own formula for success. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 79:  Coaches Corner kicks off its 5th season with a great show. Host John Anderson and Coach Tony Demeo discuss a number of off-the field, program building topics, the just-concluded College and NFL seasons and the changing nature of offensive football. The show wraps up with an overview of the Triple Gun Offense and how Coach DeMeo created a system around simplicity and "interchangeable" positions, particularly on the Offensive Line. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 78:  Coach Shaun Weaver, Defensive Coordinator at Gettysburg College, visits with Host John Anderson to talk about Linebacker Blitz Technique, Zone Blitz Concepts, Attacking Pass Protection schemes, and more.  Coach Weaver, now entering his 7th year as the Gettysburg College Defensive Coordinator (he also coaches LB's), utilizes an attack-style, multiple-front Defense that combines 3 and 4 man line looks up front with just a few coverages. The aggressive defensive philosophy helped to propel the Bullet Defense to its best defensive showing in recent years during the 2012 campaign. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 77: Mark Popovich is the Head Football Coach at Mt Zion HS in Decatur, IL is the guest on this edition of Coaches' Corner. Popovich, who previously served as the Offensive Coordinator with the US Army Sprint team , discusses the Tony Franklin system. With its roots in the Air Raid Offense, the Franklin system is gaining in popularity with High School and College programs across the country for its explosiveness, fast-paced play, and ability to light up the scoreboard.  A great show that you will not want to miss. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 76:  Bud Boughton, aka Coach B, visits Coaches' Corner to discuss the "State of the Game" with Host John Anderson. Boughton, who is an author, motivational speaker, and most recently an Assistant Football Coach at Franklin College in Indiana was this year's featured luncheon speaker at the USA Football Coaching School held at the Indianapolis Colts Complex. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 75:  Lt. Colonel and US Army Sprint Football Head Coach Mark West is our guest on this, the 75th Volume of the Coaches Corner football coaching podcast. Coach West, now entering his fourth season as the Head Coach of Army's Sprint Football team and Host John Anderson cover a number of topics related to the position of Head Football Coach, including Decision Making and Leadership, Staff Evaluation and Professional Development. Coach West also shares the rationale behind his decision to implement the Tony Franklin Offensive system. An educational and entertaining show that has much to offer to High School Football Coaches, their players and even parents of High School Football players. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 74:  Dave Cisar discusses Winning Youth Football when he visits with Host John Anderson on Coaches Corner Volume 74. Cisar, a recognized expert in Youth Coaching circles and frequent clinic speaker is the Author and Producer of "Winning Youth Football's Step by Step Plan" and a number of associated books and DVDs.  Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 73:  Paul Markowski, currently the Running Backs coach at the United States Military Academy "Sprint" (aka lightweight) football program, visits with Host John Anderson to discuss his Pistol-Flex Triple Option Offense. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 72:  Tony Demeo discusses his Triple Gun Offense, its origins and evolution, and the many great coaches who influenced its development. Coach Demeo also discusses strategic flexibility in an Offensive attack  and (the 4 most) meaningful statistics for winning football games. This show is continued in The Mesh Point edition of Coaches Corner, Vol 7 - a podcast focused on Option Football that is produced for, and distributed by Option Central.  Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 71:  Darrel “Mouse” Davis, best known as the "Father of the Run-and-Shoot Offense" is the guest on our first Coaches Corner show for 2013.  Now retired, Coach Davis was most recently the Offensive Coordinator at the University of Hawaii in 2010, and is credited with popularizing the four-receiver offense, first in the United States Football League (USFL) and later at every level of football. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 70:  Coach Mike DiMatteo, Buffalo Grove, IL talks Option Football in an in-depth conversation with Host John Anderson. Coach DiMatteo covers his philosophy and approach to play selection, scheme and coaching techniques for running the Triple Option Under Center and from the Shotgun. An information packed football coaching podcast that you definitely wont want to miss. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 69:  Coach Gino Arcaro visits Coaches Corner to discuss numerous topics, including his SWAT Offense and SWAT Defense. The SWAT System has been written about in Scholastic Coach, Gridiron Coach and articles on the Coaches Learning Network.  Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 68  Coach Brett Taveau visits Coaches Corner to discuss the passing game - specifically compressed formations in a West Coast Offense style of offense. Taveau is the Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach at Centennial High School in Franklin, TN. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 67  Coach Justin Dottavio, Head Football Coach at Cornerstone Charter Academy in Belle Isle, FL talks about the "Trials & tribulations" of a Head Coach in a new High School football program. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 66  Coach Steve Gschwender, Head Football Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach at Louisiana High School in Louisiana, Missouri  talks about a conditioning program that helps athletes get back on the field faster after an injury. The program is modeled after the one used at the University of Missouri. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 65  Ray Perkins, former NFL player and coach, and currently the head football coach for Jones County Junior College in Ellisville, Mississippi visits with Host John Anderson to discuss passing concepts - specifically choice routes. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 64 Professional Athletic Counselor and Sport Performance Scientist, Doctor Chris Stankovich - the "Sports Doc and Host John Anderson discuss many of the issues coaches face, and some plausible solutions. Topics include Burnout, Life Balance and more.. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 63 Coach Mike Pope, Assistant Coach at Wingate University in Monroe, NC talks about designing,, implementing, and executing a multiple defense to stop the option. Follow along and add the slide show to your library courtesy of Coach Pope.  Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 62 - Andrew Coverdale returns to “Coaches Corner” to discuss Quarterback checks at the line of scrimmage. Coverdale and Host John Anderson discuss Run/Pass Checks along with route checking.  Follow along and add this slide show to your library courtesy of Coach Coverdale.  Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 61 - James Vint, Assistant Coach at Coronado HS in Lubbock, Texas returns for his second visit to Coaches Corner. Coach Vint discusses the character building program at Coronado, which has its origins in one he first developed while at Christopher Columbus High School in Brooklyn, NY     Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 60 - Dan Pippin, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at North Augusta HS in South Carolina visits with Host John Anderson to discuss building a successful program and his basic 4-3 Defense. Coach Pippin talks on a wide range of topics, from staff selection to working with youth league coaches, before getting into his 4-3 Defensive scheme, philosophy and position-specific alignment, assignment, responsibilities and techniques. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 59 - Coaches Corner Host John Anderson goes on location in Candler, NC to visit with Coach Manny Matsakis, currently the Head Coach at Enka HS to talk about his Triple Shoot Offense, its tough-to-defend Choice Routes, and a number of other topics.  With a resume that includes stints in college football at places such as Texas Tech, Kansas State, Wyoming, Hofstra and Emporia State, and time in the Canadian Football League, Coach Matsakis is well known in coaching circles and shares a wealth of knowledge in this edition of Coaches Corner. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 58 - Coach Joe Daniel, Asst Head Coach at Prince George HS in Virginia visits Coaches Corner to talk about defending the Spread Offense.  Coach Daniel, who has written a number of football eBooks and operates the Football-Defense.com web site provides some great information about his 4-3 scheme, the Zone Blitz, Quarters coverage and more as he talks with Host John Anderson. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 57 - Virginia High School football coaching legend, writer and frequent clinic speaker, Bill Mountjoy returns as our guest on this edition of Coaches Corner. Coach Mountjoy, widely known on coaching message boards as "Oneback" discusses the power/counter series and more in an another info-packed edition of Coaches Corner that will not surprise those who listened to Volume 29 - his previous appearance.   Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 56 - Coach Gregory Gebo talks about outside linebacker play versus the option & Wing-T offenses. Coach Gebo is the ILB & OLB coach at Central High School in Springfield, Mass. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 55 - Coach Charlie Coiner from the University of Tennessee visits with host John Anderson to talk Tight End play - from alignment, stance and release to blocking & route running.  The former NFL coach (Chicago & Buffalo) also talks about the company he founded, 1st Down Technologies and its groundbreaking "app", the FirstDown PlayBook. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 54 - Coaches Corner is on location in Bryson City, NC - the home of 8 time state champion Swain County HS (NC) Maroon Devils. Host John Anderson talks “bend-no-break” defensive football with Head Coach Sam Pattillo, defensive coordinator Neil Blankenship (later to be hired as head coach), and line coach James Phillips. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 53 -Coach Bruce Eien of Harrisburg High School in Eugene, Oregon, talks about the different route schemes that make up their “Smash” concept. Check out how to teach it, install it, and execute all four combinations! Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 52 - Pat Curran from Statesville OH talks about the Multiple Front Defensive Philosophy. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 51 - Coach John Konecki talks about the No-Huddle Offense in this edition of Coaches Corner. Coach Konecki is the Offensive Coordinator at Crete-Monee High School in Crete, IL. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 50 - Jarod Dodson visits with Host John Anderson to discuss Defensive Back play. Coach Dodson covers a variety of man and zone techniques in this information packed edition of Coaches Corner. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 49 - Ty Aronson, Assistant Football Coach at Gaffney HS in Gaffney, South Carolina talks Offensive Line Play with Host John Anderson on this edition of Coaches Corner. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 48 - Coach Jerry Horowitz of the NFL's High School Player Development program talks about the mission of the NFL's programs for High School football players, what they offer and how coaches can take advantage of them. Coach Horowitz also talks about his coaching days in New York City, discussing what to do "When things go horribly wrong", ending on a high note, and his successful "Eagle" defense. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 47 - Jerry Vallotton visits with Host John Anderson to discuss his book "The Toss" , which is available at Amazon.com and at  www.doublewing.org. Coach Vallotton, now an assistant principal in Redding, California coached football for 30 years and is known for his Double Wing Offense. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 46 - Blake Sandford from Coronodo HS in Lubbock, TX talks about conditioning, Wide Receiver blocking and drills in the Flexbone offense, and much more on this edition of Coaches Corner. Coach Sandford also shares some program building ideas and philosophy from his years of coaching at every level of High School football in the State of Texas.   Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 45 - In this edition of Coaches Corner, Michael Wilbanks of Shelby HS, Shelby NC talks about Offensive Line play in the Wing T Offense. Coach Wilbanks brings an extensive background as a player (College) and coach to this discussion of  the Shelby Wing-T system, as well as their “Buck Sweep”, “Waggle”, and “Belly Option”. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Volume 44 - In this edition of Coaches Corner, Chris Husby talks in detail about the techniques and skills related to the kicking game. Currently the owner and head instructor of Special Teams Football Academy, Husby talks about his path from High School to College to NFL camps as a Free Agent kicker. A great show for coaches and parents of young kicking game specialists who are looking to perfect their craft and move up to the next level. Lots of good tips for punters, kickers, and long snappers. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner Archives - access every Coaches' Corner show  


The following musicians have authorized us to play their music on the Coaches Corner show

Donald McCrea - San Francisco, CA
Crash the Machine - Sacramento, CA
SounDoctrine - Youngstown, OH
Seismic Anamoly - Meridian, MS
Clarissa Campbell - Baltimore, MD
OstinAuto - Denver, CO
Mainstream South - Jacksonville, FL
Cookie Cutter Girl - Augusta, ME
Robert Wuagneux - Castleton, VT
Rebecca - Boston, MA
Paul Hanna - Kaneohe, Hawaii
Michael Bannerman - Stratford, Ontario, Canada
Casey Nassberg - Oakland, CA
Next of Kin - Northern Alabama

Thanks to these recording artists for allowing us to use their music in the production of Coaches Corner.

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