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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  What is the status of Moving the Chains, and will there be a new edition of Moving the Chains?

Answer: Moving the Chains was a special arrangement for 10 shows that concluded in December 2012.   There are no future  Moving the Chains shows planned.

Question:  What is the reason for using different media players and how should I use them. ?

Answer:  As we produced more Coaches Corner shows and expanded our lineup with the addition of Moving the Chains, we began to search for a single player. 

We tried a new "multi-player" during the Spring of 2011 that made a large number of shows accessible from one screen, but we were not satisfied with its compatibility.  For that reason, and since we could not offer downloads,  we decided to stop using the player effective June 2, 2011 . Coaches Corner shows 32 and later are published in a new player that makes them widely available for streaming (our new player is HTML 5 compliant, for download via our RSS feed, and in iTunes.  Shows 1-32 can be played in any web browser by visiting the individual page for each show (Flash is currently required for the first 32 shows)

All Moving the Chains shows are accessible directly from the show's page .

All Coaches Corner shows are accessible from the Coaches Corner archives  in addition to each show's individual page.   

Question:  What does a Football Coaching Podcast have to offer to those who listen to shows like yours?

Answer:  We offer a variety of educational and information material on a variety of topics in an easy-to-consume format.  All shows can be listened to on a computer, and recent shows can be downloaded to an iPod or other MP3 player, or burned to a CD for listening anywhere, anytime - as often as you want.

Question: How can I ask a question or make a suggestion for a future show?

Answer:  The best way to do either of these things is to use our Contact Form - we will forward your message to to one of our Hosts or Producers.

Question: Can I get this as a feed on my iPod.? Can I download archives to my iPod?

Answer:  Yes.  Our RSS feed is available by clicking the icon to the left. To download archives to an iPod, iPad or iPhone, use iTunes. The direct link to our shows on iTunes is :


You can also find out about our shows on Twitter at http://twitter.com/coachescorner

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