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Coaches Corner Volume 77 - Mike Popovich - Tony Franklin system

Coaches' Corner Volume 77:  Mike Popovich,  Head Football Coach at Mt. Zion HS in Decatur, IL is the guest on this edition of Coaches' Corner. Popovich, who previously served as the Offensive Coordinator with the US Army Sprint team , discusses the Tony Franklin system. With its roots in the Air Raid Offense, the Franklin system is gaining in popularity with High School and College programs across the country for its explosiveness, fast-paced play, and ability to light up the scoreboard.  A great show that you will not want to miss.

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About the Guest on this Edition of Coaches Corner

Mike Popovich  - is the Head Football Coach at Mt Zion H.S. in Decatur IL. Formerly the Offensive Coordinator at the US Army Sprint Football team, Popovich brought the Franklin system to Army three years ago.  Popovich arrived at West Point after serving as an assistant coach for six years as the Head Coach at Bunker Hill High School in Illinois for two years. As head coach, Popovich led the Bunker Hill Minutemen to their first winning season and first playoff appearance in program history.  Popovich left Bunker Hill as the winningest coach in program history. In his first season as Army's offensive coordinator the Black Knights averaged a CSFL-best 430 yards per game and 37.3 points per game and routinely produced 400+ yards of Offense per game.


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