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We entered our 3rd year on the air, with a great slate of shows.   We kicked off January with Coach Paul Golla who visited with Coach Big B on the series finale of Moving the Chains. Coach Golla talked about the popular Flexbone Offense. 

On our  January Coaches Corner show, Double Wing expert and Author of "The Toss", Coach Jerry Vallotton was our guest, in a show in which we announced the winner of a free Glazier Clinics Season Pass in our First Annual Holiday Sweepstakes. January concluded with New York City high school football coaching legend and now Director of the NFL's High School Player Development and 7 on 7 programs, Jerry Horowitz. Coach Horowitz  talks Xs and Os on the Field Eagle Defense.

Up first in February was HS Offensive Line Coach, Ty Aronson, talking Offensive Line play.

Wrapping up February on Volume 50 of Coaches Corner in an information packed show was Jarod Dodson, Defensive Coordinator at the South Dakota School of Mines, talking Defensive Secondary techniques.   


Miss a recent show?  Visit the Coaches Corner archive or review the monthly news summaries listed below to get more information and access past shows with recent guests like Jerry Campbell, John Iannucci and Chris Boniol, to name a few.

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