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The CompuSports Radio Network enters its second year of operation with a number of new plans and initiatives.  This page will include the latest information and announcements about our past and upcoming shows as well as information about the coaches who have appeared as guests on our shows.


Out with the old, in with the new  - Moving the Chains with Coach Bernie Hayes to be aired beginning in January

When we launched The CompuSports Radio Network in January 2010, we began with two shows: Coaches Corner, and Tech Talk.  As the year progressed, it became clear that Tech Talk was best suited for publication and distribution as a resource on our software web sites. At the same time, as the audience and enthusiasm for our Coaches Corner show grew, we began to reach out to our colleagues in the nascent Coaching Talk Radio industry.

First, we had Coach Big B, Bernie Hayes as a Guest on Coachs Corner. Coach Hayes was arguably the first publisher of a "radio show" for football coaches, and continues to earn our respect as a leader in the field.   Soon after he appeared on Coaches Corner, we sponsored a number of Coach Hayes' Red Zone shows during the ensuing months, and explored ways in which we could work together to promote the development of this form of education and entertainment for football coaches.

We're pleased to announce that beginning in January, a new show, Moving the Chains, will run on The CompuSports Radio Network, with Coach Big B himself as its host.  Coach Hayes will produce a series of shows throughout the year, and they'll be available here at www.compusportsradio.com.  

To make room for Moving the Chains, Tech Talk will be discontinued, however past shows will be available on the archive page here at CompuSports Radio.

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For comments about this, or questions related to either Tech Talk, Coaches Corner, or Moving the Chains, use our Contact Form and we'll direct the message to one of our  Hosts or Producer.

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