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The CompuSports Radio Network enters its second year of operation with a number of new plans and initiatives.  This page will include the latest information and announcements about our past and upcoming shows as well as information about the coaches who have appeared as guests on our shows.


Coaches Corner gaining momentum in second season  - Now in its second year, Coaches Corner has established itself as a new educational resource for football coaches. 

With a recent guest list that includes widely recognized Offensive guru Andrew Coverdale and Dr Chris Stankovich - "The Sports Doc" as he is known to Ohio News Network viewers, Coaches Corner Host John Anderson continues to bring this new form of education and entertainment for football coaches to internet radio listeners worldwide.   a number of shows are recorded "on location", and include

Coaches Corner is underwritten by CompuSports, distributor of a number of football coaching software programs, including Easy-Scout, Playmaker Pro and Coaches Office.  

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Prospective Guests, Sponsors and listeners can use our Contact Form  to inquire about upcoming show appearances and sponsorship opportunities, or to send questions, comments or feedback to the Host or Management.

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