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August guests on Coaches Corner include a former NFL Kicker, a special teams coach, and a Quarterback coach with NFL coaching experience.


Former NFL Kicker Chris Boniol joins return guest Christian Vitale

In this second edition of Coaches' Corner for the month of August, the focus is on Special teams with two guests - former NFL player and now an Assistant Coach with the Dallas Cowboys, Chris Boniol talking about placekicking, and Christian Vitale of Pima Community College returning to talk Special Teams play . Listen Now

QB Guru John McGregor visits Coaches' Corner to kick off August

Coach John McGregor brings his extensive college and NFL experience to Coaches Corner listeners. Coach McGregor talk about option routes in the passing game, preparing quarterbacks for the NFL combine, and the importance of building your quarterback’s composure.  Listen Now

Multiple Hurry-Up Offense with Jeff Miret on Moving the Chains

The July edition of Moving the Chains features Coach Jeff Miret  talking about using a “Hurry Up Offense" in a Multiple Offensive attack.  Coach Miret is a highly successful coach with experience on both sides of the ball at the Youth and High School levels.  Listen Now

July in review - Coaches' Corner

Defensive Back Technique Coach visit Coaches' Corner

In Coaches' Corner Volume 37, Joseph Lee Jr., inventor of Coach Lee's New Football Key System (CLNFKS) and author of Blueprint for the Ultimate Defensive Back  visits with Host John Anders to discuss his system and the techniques that he has taught to a number of NFL Teams and professional athletes.  Listen Now

Strength and Conditioning experts visit Coaches' Corner

In Coaches' Corner Volume 36, the discussion turns to a timely topic - Strength and Conditioning. Host John Anderson visits with two distinguished guests in the field - Colin Quay founder of Elite Athlete Training Services and Robert Taylor Jr.  , Director of Sports Performance at the Gordon Institute, in Baltimore, MD . Listen Now

Coaches Corner and Moving the Chains are underwritten by CompuSports, distributor of a number of football coaching software programs, including Easy-Scout, Playmaker Pro and Coaches Office.   

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