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Coaches' Corner Volume 43 - Spread and Shotgun basics with James Vint

Coaches' Corner Volume 43 - nationally known clinic speaker, author, and coach, James Vint from Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas visits Coaches Corner to talk about a number of topics related to the Spread and Shotgun based offenses.  Topics include: Myths and Advantages of the shotgun, Basic run concepts,  and Pistol concepts. Vint and host John Anderson then discuss how the combination of the Spread and Pistol Run game set the table for the quick passing game, sprint passing game and bubble screen, while forcing the defense to defend the whole field. 


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About the Guest on this Edition of Coaches Corner

James Vint  is a renowned clinic speaker and has produced a series of 9 DVD's. Coach Vint is presently at Coronado High School in Lubbock, Texas.  Coach Vint has also coached at Christopher Columbus High School in Brooklyn, Iowa Wesleyan, & Truman State.    In 2001, Vint was nominated for the prestigious Walt Disney Teacher of the Year Award. Three times he was nominated by his students for “Who's Who of American Teachers”.


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