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Coaches' Corner Volume 35 -  A special show featuring four former guests

Coaches' Corner Volume 35 -  This special edition of Coaches Corner features four of our previous guests whose shows rank among the most popular in our 18 month history. Guests include Thomas Holcomb, Lew Johnston, Larry Beckish and Scott Cramer.



Hawk Eye Sports Vision Technologies

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Hawk Eye Sports Vision Technologies

About the Guests on this Edition of Coaches Corner

Thomas Holcomb is an Assistant Football Coach and founder of Hawk Eye Sports Vision Training. Coach Holcomb has extensive experience coaching in a variety  of Offensive systems, and is the creator of an innovative system for vision training that produces remarkable results.

Coach Lew Johnston is a Nationally renowned High School Coach from Chesapeake, Virginia. Coach Johnston was the head football coach at Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, VA, for 22 years, with an overall record of 163-64-3, including five southeastern district championships between 1997 and 2006 and one eastern regional championship (2002). An Author and Publisher of a number of DVDs, Coach Johnston has a web site at  www.coachlewj.com .

Larry Beckish  - Coach Beckish, or the Ol' Option Dinosaur has over 30 years of football coaching experience, most of it at the Division 1A Level. He is best known for having created the Trap Option, which later evolved to the Midline option that remains popular to this day.  Has written free football coaching articles like  The Option Alley for the CompuSports Media Exchange as well as others for Option Central.

Scott Cramer  - Defensive Coordinator at Verona, H.S. in Verona, WI and son of Kip Cramer one of Wisconsin's most successful H.S. Football Coaches.  Coach Cramer recently contributed an article on  Defending the Option to Option Central, a topic he spoke about in his previous Coaches' Corner appearance. He has also written on his approach to involving players in the presentation of a Scouting Report, and has been asked to speak at a number of clinics in his area.


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