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Coach's Corner Volume 31 - John Hendrick, Tulane U on the 3-5-3 Stack Defense

Coach's Corner Volume 31 - Coach John Hendrick of Tulane University discusses the 3-5-3 Defensive Scheme along with Zone Blitz concepts in this edition of Coaches Corner. Coach Hendrick draws on his 30 years of football coaching experience at the Collegiate level in this information packed conversation with Host John Anderson. Hendrick takes us back to his days at Mississippi State where, in 1996 the staff began experimenting with the 3-3-5. Basics like alignment and responsibility to adjustments to motion and shifts are covered. Coach Hendrick also talks about his Champ Builder motivational tools and the services  he offers to individuals and organizations.

About the Guest on this Edition of Coaches Corner

Coach John Hendrick  has been a college football coach for 28 years, including stints at Pittsburgh, LSU, Texas A&M, and Mississippi State, to name just a few. Coach Hendrick has been a strong influence in the lives of hundreds of student athletes , and has spent his entire career inspiring young people to be all they can be. Through his Champ Builder program, Hendrick works with organizations and individuals to help them realize their purpose, maximize their talents and position themselves for success. 


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