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Coach's Corner - Volume 1 with Larry Beckish


Coach's Corner Volume 1  features one of the founding fathers of Option Football, Larry Beckish. Topics include basic Option football concepts, The Option Alley and the importance of the Dive play in collapsing a Defense. The show also includes an introduction to The Master Defense, a football coaching classic that was written nearly 40 years ago by legendary High School Football Coach and Author, Bob Troppmann. The Master Defense, in its eBook form, became the impetus behind the development of The CompuSports Media Exchange in 2001.

About the Guest on this Edition of Coaches Corner

Larry Beckish  is a frequent contributor to the CompuSports Media Exchange and Option Central . He wrote  The Trap Option - 40 Plus 60 Equals Option, and I Believe in Cream, Apples and Football, Coach Beckish, or the Ol' Option Dinosaur as he refers to himself has been on a number of Coach's Corner shows.

Coach B has over 30 years of football coaching experience, most of it at the Division 1A Level. He is best known for having created the Trap Option, which later evolved to the Midline option that remains popular to this day.  His numerous football coaching articles include  The Option Alley from his Trap Option book and Leaders, from I Believe.

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