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Football Coaching Podcasts

The CompuSports Radio Network distributes podcasts on a wide range of football coaching topics, from "X and O" chalk talks to clinic-style discussions filled with coaching tips and techniques.

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Chalk Talk - Host Tony DeMeo and Offensive Line Coach, John Strollo

Coach Tony DeMeo interviews Coach John Strollo in a Chalk Talk podcast produced by Option Central. Coach Strollo has been called "the smartest and best OL Coach in all of Football - including the NFL " by Jim McNally, a long time NFL Coach. In this video podcast, the two coaches discussed the 2 Point Stance and illustrated a number of Offensive Line blocking principles with both Drills and Game Video showing the "C Gap Zone Play". Listen and learn from two of the great minds in the game .   A video enabled version is available at Option Central

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Previous CompuSports Radio Network Shows

This Week in College Football with Tony DeMeo

In his newest podcast series, Coach Tony DeMeo "reviewed and previewed" the big games each week in the 2019 College Football season. Game reviews include a look at the games from a Coach's perspective and how Meaningful Stats influenced the results of the featured games. For past shows, visit The CompuSports Media Exchange.

The S2A Podcast

This 9 show series was published and distributed in partnership with the The Surface to Air System. The co-founders of The Surface to Air System shared their thoughts on RPO's, Spread Offenses, and overall offensive football, bringing our listeners inside their "football talk" as they go about their day.

Episode 9:  In the final edition of the S2A Podcast, the topic is Part 3 of the 3 part mini-series on the evolution of the Air Raid, Air. Raid Offense to Air Raid 3.0 and its full merger of Air Raid passes with the Zone Read Option - based run game. Rick and Rich discussed the attributes of a 3.0 Air Raid based offense: RPOs, Game planning based upon what works - an open philosophy, Pass/Run balance, more motions formations and personnel group, The willingness to evolve, Streamlined communication and ID system, Introduction of S Call RPO Family, Laser focus of 4 Drop back schemes, Q.B. Autonomy with Front Door and Post-Snap decision making ability . Listen Now

In Episode 8 Rick and Rich continue to discuss the evolution of the Air Raid attack.  The is the 2nd podcast of the mini-series, and takes the listener/coach to Air Raid 2.0 - with its more balanced run game, some RPO's , more screens, quicks, no-huddle, and some formational changes. Coaches Leach, Kingsbury, Kelly, Mazzone, Franklin, and Holgorsen are among those credited with bringing about Air Raid 2.0. Listen Now

In Episode 7 of the Surface to Air System Podcast, Coach Hargitt begins a 3 part podcast series on the evolution of the Air Raid Offense. The show starts with Air Raid 1.0. Air Raid 1.0 (the past) emphasized throwing the ball, not much in the run game, no RPO's, and not much value on time management or balance. Air Raid 1.0 was started by Hal Mumme and Mike Leach. Listen Now

In Episode 6 of the Surface to Air System Podcast the topic was The S2A 7 day Spring install. Today Rich Hargitt will go into the "how's and "whys" of installing 95% of the Surface to Air System offense in Spring. Listen Now

In Episode 5 of the Surface to Air System Podcast Coach Hargitt breaks down the S2A Snag route, a staple of the Air-Raid Quick game, and a S2A core concept in its RPO's. Take a deep dive into the intricacies of this route concept and add it to your attack this Spring.Listen Now

In Episode 4 of the Surface to Air System Podcast Rich and Rick discussed a better way to do 7 on 7, it's called S27. Next they get into the tenets of their new book: Game Practice System: An Innovative Restructuring of American Football Practices. And they finish the episode by previewing their upcoming National RPO Clinic. Listen Now

Episode 2 focused on the topic of Giving the QB the car keys to the Offense, with Rich and Rick discussing "allowing your QB to have concept autonomy in the game". Rich then details his "secret sauce" - the how's and why's he allows his HS QB to control the concept(s) within a game. Listen Now

In Episode 1, the topic was What is and isn't an RPO? Also addressed - why were the two called "Snake oil salesmen"? Listen Now

Chalk Talk is a production of the Option Central website and hosted by Option Guru Tony DeMeo

In Chalk Talk Volume 3, Coach DeMeo talked with Frank Lenti, Head Football Coach at Mt. Carmel H.S. in Illinois. Coach Lenti, the winningest coach in Illinois HS football history, talks about his philosphy and the Split Back Veer offense that he has run over over 3 decades. Listen Now

In Chalk Talk Volume 2, Coach DeMeo talked with Steve Weber, Head Football Coach at Bedford North Lawrence (IN) HS about the evolution of his Offense - from the Wing T, to the Flexbone, to the Spread and finally to the Triple Gun. Other topics include the critical role that off-season strength and conditioning plays in his approach to turning around and building a successful High School football program..Listen Now

 In Chalk Talk Volume 1, Coach DeMeo talked with Philip Haywood of Belfry, KY. Coach Haywood, the winningest coach in Kentucky history, discussed the origins and evolution of his Offensive philosophy that is based on Option football and dissects his base formation - the Spread T. Listen Now

Coaches' Corner - Nearly 100 shows over five years produced and hosted by John Anderson

Coaches Corner concluded its 6th and final year in 2015 with a few outstanding shows. 

In Volume 85 - the final edition of Coaches Corner, two College Head Football Head Coaches. John Bland - now the Head Football Coach at Mississippi College (Division II - Gulf Coast Conference) and Ralph Insernia who is entering his third year as the Head Football Coach at RPI College (Division III - Liberty League) talked about their philosophy and approach to recruiting football players. In addition, previous guest Bill Mountjoy shared some recruiting experiences from his years as a HS Football Coach.  . A great show, and a fitting end to a great run for Coaches Corner.  Listen Now

In Coaches Corner Vol 84, two Defensive Coordinators: Shaun Weaver of Gettysburg College and Scott Cramer of Verona (WI) H.S. about their approach to the 3-4 Defense.   Topics include Defensive Line play, Zone Blitz concepts, Pass Coverage philosophy, and a Circuit Drill to sharpen Blitz techniques. Listen Now

In our first show of 2015 (Coaches Corner Vol 83), Tony DeMeo discussed his newest book - Commonsense Rules for Everyday Leaders with Host John Anderson  Listen Now

The Coaches' Corner show page lists and describes more recent shows and includes a list of the musicians who have authorized us to play their music between show segments. The entire library of Coaches Corner shows is available in our archive section.

Moving the Chains - A series of shows produced for us by Coach Big B of The Red Zone Radio Show

Moving the Chains was a special series of shows produced during 2011 by Coach Big B - Bernie Hayes. Coach Hayes was one of a handful of "pioneers" in producing podcasts for football coaches, and best known for his Red Zone Show.

Visit the Moving the Chains show page

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