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Football Coaching Podcasts

The CompuSports Radio Network distributes podcasts on a wide range of football coaching topics, from "X and O" chalk talks to clinic-style discussions filled with coaching tips and techniques.

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The Triple Gun Podcast - New !

The Triple Gun Podcast series is the audio version of a series of Clinic presentations by Coach Tony DeMeo at the McNally Clinics.

In Volume IV of the Triple Gun Podcast series, Coach Tony DeMeo discusses Backfield Play, Quarterback Play and the Option Phase of the Gun Triple. This 4 part mini-series concludes with Coach DeMeo providing an overview of running the play against even and odd fronts and 3 and 4 "shell" coverages. Collectively, the 4 episodes in Part I of this podcast deliver an edited and optimized for audio version of Coach DeMeo's 2 hour presentation at the McNally clinic. Listen Now

In Volume III of the Triple Gun Podcast series, Coach Tony DeMeo discusses Offensive Line Play in the Gun Triple - the "core play" in the Triple Gun Offense. Topics include Stance, Smart Splits, Line Technique for the Triple Gun Double Team (similar concepts with todays Duo Blocking) and the "Smoke line call" adjustment. Listen Now

In Volume II of the Triple Gun Podcast series, Coach Tony DeMeo explains Why he switched from the Flexbone to the Triple Gun and does a deep dive into its Formations and Motions. The episode wraps up with a discussion of Compressed and Unbalanced sets, how they create problems for a Defense and how the Triple Gun moves the ball around to different players without the need for substitutions. Listen Now

In Volume I of The Triple Gun Podcast series Coach DeMeo explains the ideas behind his Triple Gun Offense. Topics include the 4 Aces system of evaluating player performance, Meaningful Stats and their influence on the outcome of football games and the way in which the Triple Gun Offense was designed. Listen Now

Previous CompuSports Radio Network Shows

The Chalk Talk Podcast

This podcast mini-series featured Coach DeMeo interviewing other High School and College coaches.  High School Football coaching legends Frank Lenti, Head Football Coach at Mt. Carmel H.S. in Illinois and Philip Haywood of Belfry, KY. Coach Haywood, the winningest coach in Kentucky history have headlined the guest list.  Listen Now

The S2A Podcast

This 9-show series was published and distributed in partnership with The Surface to Air System. The co-founders of The Surface to Air System, Rich Hargitt an Rick Butler shared their thoughts on RPO's, Spread Offenses, and overall offensive football, bringing listeners inside their "football talk" as they went about their day. Listen Now

This Week in College Football with Tony DeMeo

Coach Tony DeMeo "reviewed and previewed" the big games each week during the 2019 College Football season from a Coach's perspective. Each episode focused on how Meaningful Stats influenced the results of the featured games. All shows can be found at The CompuSports Media Exchange, where Coach DeMeo has published his Play of the Day series since early in 2021.

Coaches' Corner - Nearly 100 shows over five years produced and hosted by John Anderson

Coaches Corner concluded its 6th and final year in 2015 with a number of outstanding shows. The Coaches' Corner show page lists and describes these and more than 40 other shows, and includes a list of the musicians who have authorized us to play their music between show segments. The entire library of Coaches Corner shows is available in our archive section.

Moving the Chains - A series of shows produced for us by Coach Big B of The Red Zone Radio Show

Moving the Chains was a special series of shows produced during 2011 by Coach Big B - Bernie Hayes. Coach Hayes was one of a handful of "pioneers" in producing podcasts for football coaches, and best known for his Red Zone Show.

Visit the Moving the Chains show page

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