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Coaches Corner Volume 84 - The 3-4 Defense with Guests Shaun Weaver and Scott Cramer

In this edition of Coaches Corner, John Anderson talks with two Defensive Coordinators: Shaun Weaver of Gettysburg College and Scott Cramer of Verona (WI) H.S. about their approach to the 3-4 Defense.   Topics include Defensive Line play, Zone Blitz concepts, Pass Coverages philosophy, and a Circuit Drill to sharpen Blitz techniques.

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About the Guest on this Edition of Coaches Corner

Shaun Weaver  enters his 10th season as a member of the Gettysburg coaching staff and his ninth as the Defensive Coordinator in 2015.  He has written articles on the Linebacker and Defensive Line positions for XandO Labs, and Understanding and Implementing the Zone Blitz, an eBook. Coach Weaver previously appeared on Coaches Corner Volume 78  when he talked about the Zone Blitz .

Scott Cramer  - Defensive Coordinator at Verona, H.S. in Verona, WI and son of Kip Cramer one of Wisconsin's most successful H.S. Football Coaches.  Scott has written a number of articles on Defensive topics, including Involving your players in Presenting your Scouting Report.  Coach Cramer previously appeared on Coaches Corner Volume 4 when he talked about Defending the Option.


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