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Coaches Corner Volume 80 - Chris Fore - Building Championship HS Football Programs

Chris Fore, veteran Athletic Director and Head Football Coach from Southern California draws on a variety of experiences as he discusses a number of topics.  Fore and Host John Anderson discuss the roles that the Shield Punt, Wing T Offense - particularly the Jet and Fly Sweeps, and the Easy-Scout game analysis software played in his formula for rebuilding HS Football programs . Fore also talks about the extensive research that contributed to his latest book BUILDING CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER FOOTBALL PROGRAMS - a book in which he talked with over 100 highly successfull football coaches from around the country about their own formula for success.

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About the Guest on this Edition of Coaches Corner

Chris Fore is a veteran Athletic Director and Head Football Coach from Southern California who specializes in the hiring process among the highly competitive athletic world. His consulting business, EightLaces, has been instrumental in helping coaches navigate the employment process. He counts former NFL players, collegiate coaches at all levels, and high school coaches from all sports as his clients, including one client that just landed a NCAA Division 2 Head Football Coaching position.

Fore's record of turning around athletic programs as an AD is impressive, with his school winning MORE League Championships than the year before in every job he's taken on.  A recent example - Excelsior Charter School hired Chris to bring prestige to their athletic program after winning just 3 League Championships in TEN years, including SIX in his first school year.

In addition to BUILDING CHAMPIONSHIP CALIBER FOOTBALL PROGRAMS, released in December, 2013, Chris Fore has also published OUTSIDE THE LINES: FOOTBALL COACHES and OUTSIDE THE LINES: ATHLETIC DIRECTORS.  He has written articles for national magazines, been featured in articles on some of football’sleading websites, and has been a guest on radio shows and podcasts dealing with High School Football.


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