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Coach's Corner Volumes 9 and 10 with  NFL Assistant Jeff Nixon on Running Back Play

Coach's Corner Volume 9 and 10  - Coach Jeff Nixon, at the time an Assistant Football Coach with the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, and now in a similar role with the Miami Dolphins, is our special guest in this two part series. 

Topics in Volume 9 include career paths from student assistant through Divisions II, 1AA and 1A II and on to the professional ranks. John and Jeff talk Running Back play as well, and discuss a number of the drills included in his Running Back Drills and Fundamentals video.  

In Volume 10, Jeff gets down to X's and O's, discussing his MOB philosophy and a number of the drills on the Running Back Drills and Fundamentals video, including drills for Run and Pass blocking. Jeff also discusses the differences between coaching at the College and Professional levels and offers insights to young coaches.

Volume 9 - Part 1

Volume 10 - Part 2

About the Guest on this Edition of Coaches Corner

Coach Jeff Nixon -  Assistant Coach with the NFL's  Miami Dolphins and previously the Philadelphia Eagles and Penn State graduate, Coach Nixon has a wealth of experience coaching Running Backs in Divisions I, IAA and II and is the author of Running Back Drills and Fundamentals  as well as Sudden Impact Kickoff Return.


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